"DORMASHEXPO" LLC (DORMASHEXPO) is one of the leading manufacturers of agricultural tractor trailers, semitrailers, machinery and equipment for municipal, agricultural and forest applications in Eurasian Economic Union.

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2000 -  we developed and introduced into production attachable municipal cleaning equipment for «BELARUS» tractors.

2002-   a front loader and a utility vehicle on «BELARUS» tractor base were developed and manufactured.

2009 -  a multifunctional machine DME-1000 FASSI on «BELARUS» tractor base was developed, tested and introduced into production.

2009 -  we developed design documentation and started production of tractor dump trailers 2PTS-4,5 and 2PTS-6,5.

2009 -  we developed and started production of «BELARUS» tractor-based backhoe loader EO-2626DME.

2012-  development of own design documentation and production start of a tractor dump trailer 3PTS-9.

2014 -  development of own design documentation and production start of a forest tractor semi-trailer


2015 -  we developed and introduced into production tractor dump semi-trailers 1PTS-2, 1PTS-3,5 and PTS – 9.

2016 -  development and production start of the 1PTS-6 tractor dump semitrailer (for slurry).

2017 -  development of own design documentation and production start of water sprinkler tanks MP-3 and MP-6.

2018 -   development, tests and production start of a tractor dump semi-trailer PTS-12.

2018 -  development and production start of the unique compact municipal machine MMK-2000.

2018 -  development and production start of the trailer 2PTS-6 modification for gravel and coal.

2019 -  development and introduction into production of stover loader ZSK-8.

2019 -  development and production start of the trailer 2PTS-6,5 modification for grain (with shaped walls and grain loader).

2020 -  development and manufacturing of forest semitrailer prototype PTL-12 and bale fork as integral implement.

2021 - participation in the state program "Innovative machine-building and machine-building technologies" on the assignment "Development and introduction into production of a machines’ complex for transportation, positioning and installation of power lines" consisting of the universal assembly hoist PMU-15 and a special tractor trailer PST-12. Development and manufacture of prototype tractor dump trailer 2PTS-10.

Company DORMASHEXPO was established in 2000. Our main activity is production and sales of machinery and equipment for various sectors of national economy. Every year, building up our potential, we pay our focused attention to own design development, as well as the extension of manufacturing. Expansion of sales and manufacturing capabilities of DORMASHEXPO are confirmed by our high position in the market.

Our products enjoy strong and steady demand in Belarus and our neighbor countries. The machines of DORMASHEXPO can be found on the roads of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, as well as in Latin America and Africa.

Our highest priority is development and production of tractor dump trailers and semi-trailers with different loading capacity.

Based on own design DORMASHEXPO is manufacturing a line of 10 trailer and semi-trailer models with loading capacity from 2 to 12 tons with a wide options choice.

A new milestone in our development was the participation, together with the National Institute of Mechanical Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, in an innovative project for development and manufacturing of a compact municipal vacuum sweeping and salt distributing machine on a compact hydrostatic all-wheel drive chassis. This project means expansion of the range of multi-purpose small-sized machines and determines the direction of our development in coming years. Serial production of the MMK2000 machine started in 2020.

The company pays special attention to road-building and municipal cleaning equipment based on various modifications of “Belarus” tractors from class 0.6 to class 2.0. The DME-1000FASSI multifunctional machine is considered the flagship in this application, which is a universal multi-purpose machine for solving complex problems in various sectors of the national economy. Next step in this direction was participation of DORMASHEXPO in 2020 in the project "Development and production of machines’ complex for the transportation and installation of power line towers", which is an essential part of the regional scientific and technical program "Innovative development of the Minsk region" in 2016 - 2020.

All products are sold at very attractive prices. DORMASHEXPO provides a full range of services starting with consultation on the right equipment choice, to warranty and after-sales. Our main goal is to build tough and reliable machines and equipment and to make our customers satisfied and happy. DORMASHEXPO is proud to be a reliable supplier and partner.